Helping human trafficking survivors take the next step

There are approximately 40 million trafficked in the world today.

Human Trafficking is a $150 billion industry.

Help survivors take the next step to freedom.

If you are a victim of, or suspect human trafficking,
text 233733 or call 1-888-373-7888

Women and girls account for 99% of victims of sex trafficking.

Human trafficking around the world and in our backyards

While Asia contains some of the largest redlight districts in the world, human trafficking is happening in our own backyard. In fact, California has the highest number of human trafficking incidents reported in the U.S. Women, men, and children are primarily trafficked, coerced and forced against their wills into prostitution or labor.

Escaping is only one part of the equation. After a person physically leaves or escapes, what comes next?

Providing rehabilitation and next steps

Rehabilitation from the trauma of being trafficked is a long, difficult road. Victims delivered from human bondage must heal physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as tackle the daunting task of providing for themselves and, in some cases for their families.

Rehabilitation cannot be considered complete until the threat of returning to prostitution or being re-trafficked is minimal. Worldsong Aid not only supports women and men as they recover mentally and emotionally, but strives to equip them with the education and tools they need to live a life of financial freedom and find a new occupation.


Helping Human Trafficking Survivors Take the Next Step

With your help we can benefit survivors of trafficking and those at risk

Education & Prevention

Worldsong Aid provides anti-trafficking prevention programs. By educating youth, specifically in Asia, about the threat of trafficking and how to plan for their future, we reduce the risk of trafficking. Equally important is providing survivors the means to complete or further their education for a better job.

1 in 4 victims of trafficking are children

Local Intervention

Your donations provide survivors with transportation, food, clothing, essentials & accommodations.

Worldsong Aid is partnering with local authorities and government agencies to serve victims in the California Bay Area. People that have been rescued or escape often have to leave everything behind. As a result, they have urgent, basic needs.

Worldsong provides essentials for those recovering, including clothing, groceries and other personal items. In addition, we provide transportation to important appointments and desperately needed accommodations.

Worldsong also provides financial support to adult and teen survivors to secure education, job training or mentorship programs to help them start a new occupation.


By investing in business development for survivors, your donations can help to secure business locations as well as providing mentorship in business practices and consulting.

Putting survivors to work provides jobs for other survivors and those at risk as well.

About Us

Worldsong aims to provide trafficking survivors with all necessary resources to achieve emotional and physical rehabilitation and to establish meaningful employment.

Through the restoration of their health and careers, survivors can positively impact their own communities and help prevent future trafficking of at-risk populations they serve.

Worldsong Aid is a licensed 501c3 non-profit organization. Your tax deductible donation benefits victims of poverty and human trafficking.

Our Team

Bobbie Gilman

CEO & Founder

After living in Asia for two years, our family’s awareness and heart for trafficked victims around the world grew immensely. Over time we befriended victims of kidnappings as well as sex workers and felt compelled to help our friends and others around the world in their plight.

We saw poverty and the sex industry degrade men and women in ways we never imagined. We began to dream about simple steps we could take to help those recovering from such horror. From this, Worldsong Aid was born.

Jose Bonilla

Chairman of the Board

Amy Chitwood

Board Member, Survivor Care

Milton Liu

Board Member, Volunteers

Santosh Davies

Board Member, Thailand

Khaek Chaicana

Survivor Mentor to the Board

Doug Morton

Mentor to the Board

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